Saturday 14th May 2011 - Married for 3128 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Read our fun profiles of the bridesmaids and ushers, as well as some little-known facts about our families!

Brides Faily

Joan Farrington
Joan FarringtonBrides Mother
Colin Farringto
Colin FarringtoBrides Father Th best dad in the world love him to bits

Grooms Family

Susan Laundon
Susan LaundonThe Mother In Law the interfilering mother in law to be in a good way
Steve Laundon
Steve LaundonThe Father in Law love him to bits

the people who know me best

Jo Adams
Jo AdamsThe Maid of Honner The best friend any on can have
charleen Timms
charleen TimmsThe Bridesmaid that can sort any problems out and a good linstering when i am moning about weddings

best man
the boys part

brian Adams
brian AdamsThe best man well what can i say

the bothers

Robert Farrington
Robert FarringtonMy bro Thats all i can say
Craig Laundon
Craig LaundonWell well the lad who know every thing Only Jokeing